Indoc - heads

Session One
Riss – SGT Andrea Marina
Paul – PVT Teddy Dipman
PC’s received orders to report to the Solnav building in the out skirts of CHITOWN proper. After a quick change of into dress uniform they both head to the building. Teddy arrives first in his worn but presentable dress uniform. As he stands on the steps he sees an approaching woman. She is about 5’4" wearing a spit shined dress uniform. She is a combat arms Sergeant, Her brown hair pulled tight to her head and pinned. Her brown eyes focused on the door of the building. Everything about her is military.
They both head in and find they are going to the same meeting. They are shown to a room that appears to be an interrogation room. After a quick check in by a functionary, Alisha Tamminhill. She questioned them, asking personal and provocative nature to push them. She then informed them they were selected to be part of an experimental new unit, The Coalition States Expeditionary Unit.
The interview ended abruptly. The PC’s were ushered to a separate level that served as a store room. They were instructed to gather the gear they needed. Teddy pulled up everything that wasn’t nailed down. Andrea gathered only what she believed she would need. Alisha returned and directed them to a beaten hulk of a ship. Non-CS, non-anything. It had seen better days, but was it flight worthy?
They were informed that they would have two more prospective members. They were still being screened and would join the group later. They were then prompted to depart and wait for contact. They had a harry take-off and headed to a sheltered body of water away from CS typical towns. After a fairly uneventful landing, a tour of the ship was made. Berthing was assigned. The Sergeant took the Captain’s quarters while Teddy, the impromptu pilot, claimed berths 1 and 2. Gear was shifted and stowed. Teddy figured a gear list he needed and sent it on with Sgt. Marina. Andrea headed out to find the nearest town, glad to be operating solo again even if it was only for a short time.
She soon found herself in the town of Coolidge. Not much to it, A general store, an inn, three bars and a used car lot. She was soon greeted by Thomas, a local. After some small talk, he moved on. She checked out a vehicle, but moved on.
Back at the ship, As Teddy wrapped up rewiring the intercom system, A call came in over the radio.
“Inbound. Inbound. Inbound”
“Uh, Hello?”, Teddy could rewire a radio in his sleep, but he had never had to communicate over one, at least not in the field.
“Who is this?”
“Um, PFC Dippman.”
“You should be transmitting, by station and call sign.”
“What is the name of your ship?”
Teddy realized they hadn’t named the ship, “Umm the Underscore”
“Very well, Underscore, this is Saber seven, is the Sergeant in?”
“Saber seven, Underscore, she is in out.”, man he hoped he did that right.
“Underscore, Saber seven, I’ll retrieve her on my way in. Saber seven out.”
Wait, did he just say he was on the way in?…

The World as it is
Foundations of the Day

The Moment of Inertia has changed the basis of the world.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Imperator.


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