The UNDERSCORE, is the name of the current vessel being used by the Coalition States Expeditionary Combat Unit (Conditional).

The Ship is an aging Kerrigan / Stulwart Amphibious Assault Transport. This gunship was in service to the CS from 51 P.A. to 72 P.A. though it was of less and less prominence as the death’s head motif became the CS standard.

The ship is driven by twin XVN-94 engines drawing from internally contained pulse nuclear power cells. The self contained engines can be jettisoned in an emergency.

The vessel has four decks: Cargo deck, Berthing deck, Operations deck and Top deck. It has a width of 98.4 feet. Length is 103.3 feet. The vessel is 41 feet high.

Cargo Deck
C-1 Cargo Bay door
C-2 Main Cargo floor
C-3 Lift
C-4 Mechanical Bay

Berthing Deck
B-1 Captain’s Quarters – SGT Andrea Marina
B-2 Captain’s Head
B-3 Stateroom – Unclaimed
B-4 Stateroom – PVT Teddy Dippman
B-5 Stateroom – Unclaimed
B-6 Stateroom – PVT Teddy Dippman
B-7 Lift
B-8 Armory
B-9 Head
B-10 Berthing
B-11 Berthing
B-12 Berthing
B-13 Berthing
B-14 Berthing

Operations Deck
O-1 Bridge
O-2 Operations
O-3 Lift
O-4 Damaged space

Top Deck
T-1 Cannon enclosure Room
T-2 Lift
T-3 Cargo