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Looking to play 3-4 PC’s.

The Moment of Inertia

The war began. The Moment of Inertia (MoI) shocked all involved. The war was instantly halted. The CS withdrew, wounded, the mighty sword of technology damaged and tarnished. The CS went home to bury an Emperor and crown a new scion. Karl had died when the MoI occurred. Joseph retreated with his forces to solidify his power on the throne.

Tolkeen did not escape with out paying a great price. Many deals had been made. Souls were taken. Demons that had been harnessed and bound suddenly found themselves freed. The city burned for three more weeks and battle sparked in all corners, but none of it was the CS’ doing.

The CS was then approached by refugees they had not spoken to in years. The federation of magic, at least what was left of them. An attack had taken them by surprise, the remnants of the CS forces there had confirmed the story. The federation was broken and seeking help. Human help.

The new Emperor of the Coalition States instantly seized on the opportunity presented to him. They were brought in and shown the live feeds of what had happened at Tolkeen. Specially edited to truly highlight D-bee cruelty to humans, or a human mages summoned creatures turning on the caster. The traumatized survivors virtually implanted themselves with tracking and control chip. They are now the first battalion of magic users in the CS Army.

The world is a greater state of flux than ever before. Tolkeen has been broken, but still survives. The Federation of magic has ceased to exist. An invading force has destroyed it and sent those that survive into the waiting arms of the CS, now under new management. Rumors of zombies and other evil as if the time of troubles had returned.

The Moment of Inertia can best be described as a synching of the quantum mechanics of magic and science.


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